Ebong Wood Lute Pegs


A tuning peg is used to hold a string in the pegbox of a stringed instrument. It is made of ebony, rosewood, boxwood or any other material. Few tuning pegs are decorated with shell, metal, or plastic inlays, beads (pips) or rings. We are offering lute pegs, which are tuning pegs used for holding a string into the pegbox, present in various stringed instruments. We make this from different wood such as Ebony, and rosewood. Shell, beads, ring. They are also used on older instruments, such as the Bulgarian gadulka and the hurdy gurdy, as well as on flamenco guitars.A correctly working peg will turn smoothly and hold consistently, that is, it will neither stick nor slip. Contemporary pegs for violin and viola have conical shafts, turned to a 1:30 taper, changing in diameter by 1 mm over a distance of 30 mm.


Product Details:

Color Black
Brand Musical Works
Material Ebony wood
Packaging Type Carton
Fit for 4/4 full size violin

Sizes Available : 

  • 7.5/5.5/75 mm
  •  5.5/7/85 mm
  •  7.5/5.5/85 mm
  •  7.5/4.5/95 mm
  •  7/4.2/110 mm
  •  8/6/70 mm
  •  9/6/110 mm

We also Customize the sizes as per requirement !

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