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Musical Sarod


Musical Works is a Kolkata based company, which is offering Musical Sarod made using tun & teak wood. It has the finest craftsmanship that is evident from the lotus shaped tuning pegs, and sound chamber that is mounted with goatskin. This musical sarod has 10 main strings, along with 15 tarab strings. There are mainly two types of sarods — the sarod with six pegs and the one with eight pegs.


Ali akbar khan style 8 string, available in :

  • Single tune wood
  • Join tune wood
  • Single teak wood
  • Join tune wood
Material Wooden
Weight 3-4 Kg
Height 18 Inches approx
Length 45 Inches approx
Width 11 Inches approx.
Set of Strings 15
Melody Peg 4 Pieces
Chikari Strings 2 Pieces
Drone strings 2 Pieces

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